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Height :   2.26 m
Weight :   1959 kg

The 100 SEC electric scissor platform, with a capacity of 227 kg, is perfectly suited to crowded working areas. Passing through doors or the use of goods lifts or lifts becomes easy thanks to the foldable rails. Its double scissor technology with reinforced arms guarantees optimal stability during your operations at 9.92 m from the ground.

The 100 SEC has as standard a platform extension which provides more space to operators and for the items to be loaded for your day-to-day tasks.



Lifting height 7.8 m 25’7″
Lifting capacity 227 kg 500 lb
Lifting capacity (no. of people) 2
Moving speed 3.5 kmh 2.17 mph
Working speed 0.8 kmh 0.5 mph


Overall length 2.44 m 8’0″
Wheelbase length 1.85 m 6’1″
Width 0.81 m 2’8″
Height 2.26 m 7’5″
Overall height (folded) 1.91 m 6’3″
Weight (unladen) 1959 kg 4309.8 lb
Turning radius 2.13 m 6’12”
Ground clearance 0.09 m 0’4″


Standard equipments

Integrated diagnostic assistance
Horn in the platform
Emergency stop button in platform and on frame
CAN bus technology
230V Predisposition
Anti-overturning bar with automatic operation
Audible alarm and illuminated indicator lamp (leveling, overload, lowering)
Flashing Light
Battery charge indicator lamp
Platform access gate
Dynamic hydraulic braking on front wheels
Hour meter
Proportional controls
Anti-slip platform surface
Non-marking rubber tires
Slinging and securing rings
Removable control unit
Integrated charger
Negative-type braking on rear wheels
Fold-away guard rails to allow movement through the door
Optional equipments

Biodegradable oil
Air predisposition
Working headlight in platform
Maintenance-free battery
Beep on every movement
Pothole protection with automatic operation
Safety harness
Platform power supply (plug + differential circuit breaker)
Initial verification report before putting into service





Labour and site visits.
Regular maintenance operations.
The technician carries out all the operations recommended by the manufacturer in the operator’s manual.
Preventive checks.
Provision of end-of-visit report.
After each visit, the technician will provide you with a report of the checks carried out.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Advanced Service

Initial Service +
Genuine Manitou spare parts and lubricants.
The technician uses exclusively Manitou parts and products, which improves the reliability of your machine.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Warranty extension
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report
Replacement of worn parts
Excellence Service

Advanced Service +
Reparatory maintenance operations.
The technician undertakes the repair of all breakdowns (except in the case of accidents and damage).

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report