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Height :   2.46 m
Weight :   7550 kg

The 180 ATJ articulated platform has a capacity of 230 kg and a working height of 17.65 m. It meets all of your needs if working outdoors on uneven, sloping and obstructed ground. Its all-terrain capabilities make it an ideal working companion on uneven sites.

Equipped with the new incremental hydraulic management for engine speed, it will reduce noise levels as well as your fuel consumption. As with all of the diesel-powered platform range, the 4-wheel drive and 3 steering modes guarantee the machine’s ease of movement and positioning on cluttered or confined sites. The design of the console provides the operator with a clear environment for quick handling and immediate productivity.



Lifting height 16.15 m 52’12”
Lifting capacity 230 kg 506 lb
Lifting capacity (no. of people) 2
Exterior lifting capacity (no. of people) 2
Max reach 10.62 m 34’10”
Overhang 7.42 m 24’4″
Moving speed 7.2 kmh 4.47 mph
Working speed 0.8 kmh 0.5 mph


Overall length 7.65 m 25’1″
Overall length (folded) 5.59 m 18’4″
Width 2.28 m 7’6″
Height 2.46 m 7’9″
Overall height (folded) 2.7 m 8’10”
Weight (unladen) 7550 kg 17798 lb
Turning radius 3.71 m 12’2″
Ground clearance 0.405 m 1’5″



Standard equipments

Horn in the platform
Basket 1,800 mm
Leveling unlocking
Management via engine speed bearing
Emergency stop button in platform and on frame
CAN bus technology
Differential locking on rear axle
Dead man pedal
Fully galvanized basket
230V Predisposition
4 wheel steer with crab mode
4 wheel drive
Rotating beacon light
Audible alarm and illuminated indicator lamp (leveling, overload, lowering)
Protective cover for control panel
Hour meter
Backup electrical pump
4 simultaneous movements
Proportional controls
Fuel gauge with low level indicator
Optional equipments

Personalized paintwork
230V plug with differential circuit-breaker
Biodegradable oil
Beep upon travel
Basket 2,100 mm
Active oscillating front axle
Air predisposition
Pendular arm
Lockable fuel cap
Screen protection on the lower box control
Non-marking tyres
Onboard generator (3,5 or 5 kW)
Turret cover with key lock
Continuous turret rotation
Refinery kit
SMS : Safe Man System
Extreme cold oil
Water predisposition
Catalytic cleaner
Working headlight in platform





Labour and site visits.
Regular maintenance operations.
The technician carries out all the operations recommended by the manufacturer in the operator’s manual.
Preventive checks.
Provision of end-of-visit report.
After each visit, the technician will provide you with a report of the checks carried out.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Advanced Service

Initial Service +
Genuine Manitou spare parts and lubricants.
The technician uses exclusively Manitou parts and products, which improves the reliability of your machine.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Warranty extension
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report
Replacement of worn parts
Excellence Service

Advanced Service +
Reparatory maintenance operations.
The technician undertakes the repair of all breakdowns (except in the case of accidents and damage).

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report