Manitou » Maniscopic » MLT-X 960

Length :   6.1 m
Height :   2.53 m
Weight :   11 400 kg

The MLT-X 960 comes equipped with an engine perfect for heavy-duty activities: 137 hp means you can reach up to 40 km/h with maximum fuel economy. The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) ensures increased tractive effort whilst maintaining smooth, flexible performance and a reinforced oil-bath immersed brake system means a longer braking life.
With its electronically controlled cooling system, the MLT-X 90 consumes significantly less fuel. The automatic radiator unclogging system reverses airflow for optimum engine cooling, even in dusty environments. The JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) lever, a Manitou exclusive, gives you full control over your machine with just one hand. And for real comfort whilst working, the driver’s cab is spacious and ergonomically designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes over long working days.




Lifting height 9 m 29’7″
Lifting capacity 6000 kg 13228 lb
Max reach 5.3 m 17’5″
Drawbar pull 9300 dan
Lifting time (unladen) 8.5 s
Lowering time (unladen) 6.5 s
Boom extension time (unladen) 7 s
Boom retraction time (unladen) 6 s
Crowd 3.8 s
Dump 3.6 s


Length (up to the back of the fork) 6.1 m 20’0″
Wheelbase length 3 m 9’1″
Width 2.48 m 8’0″
Height 2.53 m 8’4″
Weight (unladen) 11400 kg 25133 lb
Turning radius 4.3 m 14’1″
Ground clearance 0.45 m 0’2″


Standard equipments
• Manual rotating towing hitch on counterweight
• Auto reversing fan
• Tuner car radio (50 W)
• Hydraulic trailer brake
• Mechanical cloth seat
• Two-stage air filter with integrated pre-filter
• Rear windscreen defrost
Optional equipments
• Electrovalve for 2 hydraulic functions (on boom head)
• Continuous flow hydraulics
• Attachment hydraulic locking
• Automatic wheel alignment
• 1 pair of pre-fitted Double Action rear hydraulic couplers
• Hand throttle
• Return pipe to hydraulic oil tank
• Manual air conditioning
• Air suspension cloth seat
• Boom suspension "CRC"
• CD MP3 car radio
• Bluetooth car radio
• Low frequency air suspension cloth seat with heating
• Easy Connect System (ECS)





Labour and site visits.
Regular maintenance operations.
The technician carries out all the operations recommended by the manufacturer in the operator’s manual.
Preventive checks.
Provision of end-of-visit report.
After each visit, the technician will provide you with a report of the checks carried out.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Advanced Service

Initial Service +
Genuine Manitou spare parts and lubricants.
The technician uses exclusively Manitou parts and products, which improves the reliability of your machine.

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Warranty extension
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report
Replacement of worn parts
Excellence Service

Advanced Service +
Reparatory maintenance operations.
The technician undertakes the repair of all breakdowns (except in the case of accidents and damage).

Mandatory safety control visit (according to current legislation)
Washing of the machine
Fleet management solutions
Activity report